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Questionable competency from promoters of unconstitutional 'war' -TLP

US Bio-Gear for Iraq Fails Under TV's Hot Lights -



Washington - The Army demonstrated equipment for detecting and identifying chemical and biological weapons yesterday - and offered an unintended lesson when a soldier wearing a stifling protective suit collapsed in the heat of the television lights.

After some rest and water, Sgt. 1st Class Kerrethel Avery said she was fine. The incident nevertheless underscored drawbacks of the gear U.S. soldierscould be forced to wear in a possible war with Iraq.

During the news conference yesterday about a half-dozen members of the Army's Tactical Escort Unit demonstrated how they would disable a suspected chemical bomb made by terrorists, respond to an anthrax letter and examine a World War II-era chemical shell while wearing protective gear, ranging from a puffy green blast-resistant suit for a bomb disposal expert to dark blue coveralls similar to the military's current chemical protection gear.

Avery was wearing the dark blue suit when she collapsed from a raised platform into a row of chairs where reporters sat.

Another member of the team, Staff Sgt. Michael McRoberts, wore the militaryprotective suit in the desert camouflage pattern that U.S. soldiers would wear in Iraq if threatened by chemical or biological weapons. McRoberts, who spent six months working in Afghanistan, said the latest protective suit - known by the military acronym JSLIST - was better than the suits used by troops during the 1991 Persian Gulf War. "I've worn them both, and this is lighter, and it is cooler," McRoberts said. Other improvements, such as a hood, make the suit more user-friendly for soldiers, he said.

If the United States does invade Iraq, Pentagon planners hope to do it in the spring, before Iraq's summer temperatures make the desert heat all but unbearable. Pentagon officials have confirmed one shortcoming of the chemical suits - their protective lining begins to break down when exposed to heavy sweat. Experts also say a soldier's skills can be diminished by 50 to 75 percent when wearing the full protective suit and gas mask. Copyright =A9 2002, Newsday, Inc.

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